Success has many good founders.

It takes dedication and vision to succeed in business. And there is certainly no shortage of young entrepreneurs in Germany in 2018 with the wealth of ingenuity, talent and innovation needed to do it. Whether a scaled-down reactor, an efficient, futuristic battery storage system, hyper-intelligent analysis software or gourmet, chemical-free spices, this year’s German Entrepreneur Award finalists have come up with exciting and innovative solutions that span all industries.

The German Entrepreneur Award 2018 pays tribute to their courage, resilience and skill and honours their mission. We are proud to introduce this year’s finalists in the Rising Star and StartUp categories.

A dynamic start.

Finalists in the StartUp category.

Reduced to the maximum

Three young engineers from Karlsruhe developed chemical reactor technology that fits in a ship’s container. The revolutionary compact plant uses wind or solar power to produce synthetic fuel for use in the car industry and others helpt Ineratec GmbH win the the German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the StartUp category.

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Exceptionally placed.

Finalists in the Rising Star category.

In store for the future

Tesvolt GmbH from Wittenberg have made a crucial contribution to the clean energy revolution with their highly efficient energy storage systems. The astounding development of a globally unprecedented product that will positively impact the future of the energy industry. They are also a winner - gaining the German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Rising Star category.

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Simply inspirational.

Winners in the Lifetime Achievement, Student and Special Award categories.

Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid, Vorwerk – A direct path to success

Vorwerk food processors and vacuum cleaners – setting the standard for household appliances for generations. Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid turned the long-established company into a direct sales trailblazer – with corresponding international interests and aspirations. This has earned the trained lawyer the German Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award 2018.

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