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CQSE GmbH, Garching near Munich: nominated for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Rising Star category

Teamscale from Munich-based CQSE helps your company's software development managers avoid potentially expensive software quality decay issues. The German Entrepreneur Award's panel of experts praised this unique code analysis software and were equally impressed by CQSE's rapid development. This has earned the CQSG a nomination for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Rising Star category.

About the company

Year established 2009
Founders Dr. Florian Deißenböck, Dr. Martin Feilkas, Dr. Benjamin Hummel, Dr. Elmar Juergens
Seed Capital 25,000 euros
Turnover 2017 3 mil. euros
Employees 33

An issue familiar to every company: your dedicated software systems are getting more and more complex. Yet they still have to be continuously tweaked and modified. More often than not this leads to unforeseen errors elsewhere in the system. This is where Teamscale from Munich-based software house CQSE steps in: it analyses and monitors the quality of your code and helps you identify potential restraints with the existing software, providing feedback to the developers within seconds of each code change. “This saves both time and money, because problems can be dealt with immediately and not afterwards as used to be the case”, explains founder Dr. Martin Feilkas. Multiple analysis and detection options are another plus point, allowing management to identify potential weaknesses and errors.

We wanted to work on our own ideas, to shake things up.


“The problem is a pressing one, because virtually no company can function these days without software” says Dr. Martin Feilkas. Small wonder that Teamscale has managed to win over a number of clients since its launch in 2014, including SMEs as well as DAX listed companies. The German Entrepreneur Award’s panel of experts were just as enthusiastic; “A globally outstanding and unequalled product that is vital for the wider economy.” CQSE neither wants nor needs cash injections from big investors. “We have had such offers, but we'd rather remain free in our decisions.” Meanwhile, the company employs 33 highly qualified employees who work with high levels of self-responsibility. The German Entrepreneur Award’s experts praised the “exceptionally open corporate culture and outstanding commitment and cooperation within the management team”, a textbook example of how to make a successful start. Dr. Florian Deißenböck (40), Dr. Martin Feilkas (38), Dr. Benjamin Hummel (36) and Dr. Elmar Juergens (38) met while they were working on their doctorates at the Technical University of Munich. Here they developed the basics of their analysis software and gathered initial professional experience with their project partner, a large insurance company. “This eventually led to deeper inquiry, and so we founded CQSE”, explains Dr. Martin Feilkas. Things didn’t really take off until the founders had their doctorates in the bag. “We wanted to work on our own ideas, to shake things up.” Supported by small orders from the project partner and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, the founders brought Teamscale to market maturity and 18 months later in 2014 initial licence royalties started to roll in. “We were no longer just consultants, we had a real product that solved real problems.”


Dr. Martin Feilkas
T(089) 998 27 17 51

Since then CQSE has undergone dramatic growth of around 30% year on year and has current annual revenues of 3 million euros. The founders are now looking to establish a subsidiary in the USA. The German Entrepreneur Awards experts were greatly impressed by CQSE's previous achievements and foresee a bright future for the high tech company, earning it a nomination for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Rising Star category. “We are delighted to have our achievements recognised. It's an exciting new experience”, says Dr. Martin Feilkas. “Working together with Porsche Consulting and the mentors will be an exhilarating challenge.”