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EmiSec – Emissions Security team from Freiburg, German Entrepreneur Award for Students 2018

First place in the competition for the German Entrepreneur Award for Students goes to the EmiSec – Emissions Security team from the Walter-Eucken-Gymnasium (vocational school) in Freiburg. The five students made an impact on Germany’s biggest business startup competition with their exceptional idea. Over 4,000 students took part in 843 Teams.

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High levels of particulate matter pollution, too much carbon dioxide in the air: the issue of air pollutants and the associated health impacts is more relevant today than ever before. With their idea the EmiSec team are making an effort to increase awareness of this problem. How does it work? An armband with an integrated sensor immediately recognises when the surrounding air is polluted by harmful emissions. LED and vibration signals inform the wearer, who can see the data on a corresponding smartphone app. The sensor readings are stored in a cloud– anonymously because of data protection. The information could help local authorities with their strategies to cut pollution.

Peter Altmaier, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and patron of the competition, congratulated the students. “I congratulate all the teams for their splendid achievements, especially the winning team EmiSec. The German Entrepreneur Award for Students is a striking demonstration of the entrepreneurial talent young people have and what they can achieve with engagement, creativity and team spirit.”

The German Entrepreneur Award for Students is the nation’s biggest business simulation contest. From January to May the students had time to create their hypothetical businesses. They were given nine strategic tasks for creating a business model including product development, budget and a sales and marketing strategy. Ultimately what really counted was a convincing business plan and a creative product.

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