Insight for service technicians

Oculavis GmbH, Aachen: nominated for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Kategorie StartUp

Equipped with commercially available smart glasses and smartphones and the respective dedicated software from Oculavis, service technicians need to make fewer trips to clients, thereby saving all parties involved both time and money. This innovative use of digital technology for service purposes impressed the panel of experts as much as their convincing business model, earning the Aachen-based company a nomination for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the StartUp category.

About the company

Year established 2016
Founders Dr. Markus Große Böckmann, Martin Plutz, Philipp Siebenkotten
Seed Capital 300,000 euros
Turnover 2017 670,000 euros
Employees 20

When production facilities ‘Made in Germany’ come to a halt somewhere else in the world, it often takes days before a mechanical service engineer from Germany arrives. “Many repairs are relatively simple and could be carried out by the machine operator on site if an technician tells them what’s to be done”, explains Oculavis co-founder Dr. Markus Große Böckmann. The innovative software from Aachen allows the on-site user and the manufacturer’s technician to see things with the same eyes. Using the images he sees on his computer screen the expert in Germany can make an immediate remote diagnosis and, if required, monitor any maintenance work that needs to be done. Both parties benefit: expensive facility downtime is minimised and the service engineer only has to travel to the customer if absolutely necessary.

Unleash our potential and create our own corporate culture.


Oculavis has developed a user-friendly software platform with a wide range of features for conducting and documenting service cases. It works with smart glasses as well as other mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and can also be used for training and quality control purposes. Its multiple interfaces allow it to be integrated into existing systems. “This means our clients can generate additional revenues via digital service packages”. This sophisticated and convincing product and “a lot of hard work” have in turn led to full order books. Prestigious clients like Audi, Deutsche Bahn, Benteler, Makino and ABB have opted for solutions from Oculavis. Barely two years after launch the Aachen-based company has secured a turnover of around two million euros. Now the product is to be developed and enhanced and sales and distribution in Europe stepped up so Oculavis can continue to grow.

The idea grew out of research projects that engineers Dr. Markus Große Böckmann (33) and Martin Plutz (33) and computer scientist Philipp Siebenkotten (33) were working on at the acclaimed Fraunhofer Institute and RWTH Aachen University. With private loans and a grant from the EXIST support programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs the founders took the plunge and started a business. They were drawn not only by the entrepreneurial challenge but also the opportunity to “unleash our potential” and “create our own corporate culture”. The founders value breathing space and an open and constructive atmosphere. The international team of 20 even has the right to veto new recruits. “After all, we spend 8 hours a day together.”

Oculavis GmbH

Dr. Markus Große Böckmann
T(0241) 89 04 479

“A well thought out business model that uses the advantages of digitisation for service in the fragmented German mechanical engineering sector and solves a clearly defined problem” is the conclusion drawn by the panel of the German Entrepreneur award. The experts were won over by the technical quality of the Aachen-based company’s product and impressed by their entrepreneurial success. These achievements earned Oculavis a nomination for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the StartUp category. “The German Entrepreneur Award is the highest accolade you can get as a business in Germany. The nomination is a fantastic acknowledgement of our work” says Dr. Markus Große Böckmann. “The publicity and contacts to a major-league network will definitely push us closer to our goals”.